Application Date
Per Type Cargo Type
Receiving Terms Delivery Terms
Charge Service Scope
Origin/Dest Surcharge
Place of Receipt
Port of Loading

Port of Discharge
Place of Delivery

  • Service Scope : The below surcharges including general outbound and inbound documentation are based on ONE Shipping Tariff conditions. For more details, please contact your nearest ONE sales office.
  • POR, POL, POD, DEL :State/Province code will be described in "Country/District Code" + "-" +"State Code" format
  • Until further notice, surcharges are published for informational purposes only and subject to change. Surcharges will be officially published upon publication of ONE FMC Tariffs and completion of all other regulatory approvals including MOT
Total : 0

POR, POL, POD, DEL in blank : Apply to all ports.
Cargo Type, Cargo description in blank : Apply to all Cargo type and description

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