One of the fastest way to check your cargo status, Mail Tracking!

By sending an e-mail to cargotracking@one-line.com,
you can check your cargo status any time without accessing 'https://ecomm.one-line.com'


How to use Mail Tracking

  1. 1. Enter the B/L number or Container number that you would like to search in subject.
    • Please enter ONE B/L number composed of 3 digits of alphabet + 9 digits of number or 4 digits of alphabet + 8 digits of number
      (i/e PUS123456789 or PUSA12345678, excluding the prefix "ONEY" in the ONE B/L number).
    • Ensure your B/L number is assigned by ONE. Our system won't accept House B/L number assigned by NVOCC or Freight Forwarder.
    • You don’t need to mention the B/L number or Container number in the message body.
    • If you wish to search for more than one B/L or Container, use commas to separate them.
    • To send the mail tracking information to other recipients, you can add the recipients email addresses in ”cc” address field.
  2. 2. Send it to cargotracking@one-line.com
  3. 3. You will receive the message containing
    • a. Current status. (Event, Location)
    • b. Vessel Information (VVD, Schedule)
    • c. Route Information (Origin, Port of Loading, Port of Discharging, Destination)
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